Meet the Founder of Worldly Lane

Meet the Founder of Worldly Lane

Growing up meant every possible second would be spent outside. I would spend hours discovering nooks within nature and the beauty it possesses. This curiosity soon led to a deep connection and passion for the environment. Through this passion, it guided my choice to study at University. Here, I was fortunate to gain an education in a variety of environmental topics. Since then, I have continued learning through active research and ongoing discussions.

I was also born with sensorineural hearing loss. I experienced a number of challenges and went through stages of my life, where I resented my disability and hid that side of me. However, within the last few years, I experienced a spiritual awakening where my mindset changed, and rather than hiding or resenting this part of me, I accepted and embraced it. This was an opportunity to empower myself and adopted an attitude of why not and challenge myself to do more, in particular in the climate change space.

With the above in mind, I started asking questions to friends and family to learn as much as I could about their decision making process and what came to mind when purchasing single use items such as bottled water, or following trends in fast fashion. Once I began to understand their behaviours and discover that we all have different levels of knowledge in sustainability and climate change,  I knew something had to be done. Then came the idea of Worldly Lane, a place where we can create a community to empower, shop sustainably and ethically and together make an impact on climate change. 

Now that you've caught up, I'll tell you more about the amazing space we’re creating here. The Worldly Lane Journal is where we will share knowledge about the sustainable and ethical lifestyle, trade in eco friendly, zero waste and waste free products, plant trees, and together create a sustainable future. 

Got a topic or question you would like us to research? Leave a comment or get in contact through our socials and email and we’ll get on it, faster than the Government's response on climate change. 

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