Marbled Stoneware Vase - Available in 8 Styles

Color: Style 1
Sale price$39.95 AUD

An Australian made ceramic vase beautifully crafted to add to your tablescape, bookcase, or even bedside table. Use as a flower or decorative vase, to add some individualism to your home, with each piece varying to the next. Each vase differs from the next with marbled white, speckled grey and blue stoneware clay and clear food safe glaze.


The vases range from approx. 5-6 cm wide and 10 cm height.
*Size and volume are measured to the best of our ability but may vary slightly.


Ceramics is a slow process but the end result is a piece of unique functional art that could last you a lifetime and spark much joy in your daily life. For each vase, I combine a variety of stoneware clays and use a pottery wheel to create organic shapes. Once partially dry, I trim each piece to reveal the marbled patterns on the surface of each vase. I then bisque fire each vase and sand the bottoms to ensure they are smooth to touch before applying glaze and firing again to produce the finished product. This process takes about a month. The marbling technique used for each vase brings unexpected and unrepeatable results which ensure that each vase is unique and special to its owner.

Care instructions

When glazes are used they are lead-free and food safe. Handmade ceramics are not microwave or dishwasher safe, so we recommend gentle handwashing for longevity.


Meet the Maker

Hi I'm Crystal Russell, the maker behind Ember Clay. I work full time in social policy in Melbourne, Australia. Ceramics is what I do in my spare time to slow down and tap into my creativity - I centre the clay and it centres me. Ceramics drew me in with its combination of art, functionality and science. Ceramics offers endless possibilities for learning and this slow meditative process always yields surprising results.

Handmade pottery is about learning to embrace the beautiful imperfections and happy mistakes that make each piece individual and unique.

Sustainable Score

Good: Ceramics require a high amount of energy throughout the firing process. The raw materials (clay) are extracted from the earth and glazes can contain various ingredients causing them to be wasteful towards the planet.