Sugarcane Drink Bottle - Available in 2 Styles

Color: Ocean Aqua
Sale price$29.95 AUD

Worthy bottles are designed and made in Melbourne from 100% sustainably grown Sugarcane. They are eco-friendly, non-toxic and 100% recyclable (should you ever consider parting ways with your bottle).

They come packaged in a stylish, eco-friendly, cardboard box. Our bottles are durable, lightweight and dishwasher safe. Take it everywhere you go!

  • Plastic, BPA and toxin-free (just pure plant goodness)
  • No bad tastes or smells
  • Carbon neutral and zero waste in the manufacturing process making them one of the greenest, cleanest bottles on the market.
  • Shop with purpose- for every bottle sold Worthy give 10% to Vision rescue to help abandoned Street Children in Mumbai.

Worthy bottle details:

  • Dimensions: 30cm x 10cm
  • Volume: 750ml
  • Material: 100% sustainably grown sugarcane


Meet the Maker

Reducing waste and making change, one bottle at a time. Worthy is an innovative brand that is passionate about caring for the planet and people. They are paving the way in bioplastic manufacturing by offering a completely plant based drink bottle, made locally in Melbourne, Australia. The production of the bottles are both carbon neutral and zero waste, making them one of the most eco friendly bottles available. For every bottle sold, Worthy gives to Vision Rescue, a Non For Profit helping to restore the lives of those living in extreme poverty in Mumbai, India. They make staying hydrated even sweeter!

Sustainable Score

Great: Sugarcane is a significant thirsty crop, which means it can be fairly resource intensive. Although with that in mind, it's by products can be used to generate energy and an alcohol based fuel. It is also a renewable material, as it is grown as a crop. Due to the prefer climate of this crop, it is gown overseas. This bottle is 100% made from sugarcane meaning that it be recycled and will eventually biodegrade.