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The again towel is a reusable paper towel to use again and again and again. Wipe up spills, paws, or footprints, use them for cleaning, washing fruit, and drying your hands. The uses for these unpaper towels are endless. Each set is hand made in Leederville, Western Australia.

Made from flannelette, which is 100% cotton, these cute cloths stick to each other so you can roll them on an empty paper towel roll or holder and they will stay and dispense individually. Remember when you were a kid with flannelette pyjamas with flannelette sheets? You get stuck like Velcro in the bed!

Again towel is a 24cm x 24cm square and comes in a pack of 8, with a combination of 4 patterned and 4 coloured squares.

Not only will you be saving trees from deforestation, but you will also be saving money and making your kitchen look amazing all at the same time. Perfect to help you take the war on waste or as a gift!


Meet the Maker

Again towel is the result of 2020 lockdowns and uncertainly when I taught my family to sew pyjamas rather than purchase new ones for winter. We saw the amount of fabric offcuts came up with again towel, a paper towel and hand towel alternative which you can use again and again and again, to utilise this wasted fabric.

Again towel is made in Leederville WA from 100% cotton fabric and overlocking making them compostable after you have finished with them.


Sustainable Score

Great: Cotton can be an eco conscious material, which can be a suitable alternative to paper towel. Cotton is durable, with the ability to withstand frequent use, as well as being a compostable option. However, regular cotton can be harmful to the environment as well, due to use of insecticides, pesticides and requiring a lot of water to grow. This also causes runoff into the soil, making the land nutrient deprived for future use. An alternative to regular cotton be organic cotton or hemp.