Vietnamese Agarwood Incense

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An aromatic, spicy scent which is ethereal and stimulating. Agarwood is perfect for transforming a space whilst promoting alertness and awareness.

Subtle Bodies Agarwood comes from a CITES certified sustainable plantation in the tropical jungles of Southern Vietnam. Over 400 hectares of dedicated Agarwood plantation with 20 years harvest ready growth means our suppliers ensure a consistently high quality wood and a premium quality, natural incense.

All Subtle Bodies incense sticks are pure wood products with no added perfume or fragrance. Each burns with a heavy, yet dedicately scented smoke trail.

25 Incense sticks / Burn time 35 minutes each.

Please note these sticks are a bit thicker and at times can be difficult to fit with our Embler Clay holders. For best use, we recommend you check out our Subtle Bodies Brass Holders

Meet the Maker
Subtle Bodies source and share the world’s finest fragrant woods, to bring you traditional incense that is pure, natural and inspiring.

Made solely from ground wood and natural binder, our incense is an exercise in simplicity and purity of material. Our products aim to enhance your everyday rituals by creating a space beyond the physical.

Sustainable Score
Great: Agarwood is a highly sought after product, which has become more endanger as demand increases, Agarwood trees take roughly five to ten years before it can be harvested. Due to it's popularity, understanding where your agarwood products come from is important and if it is from a plantation or not. This incense is a great product, as is grown, which means it is a renewable source. With each stick being pure wood and coming from a plantation, this product is responsibility managed and a more climate friendly approach than other incense options.