Sustainability Commitment

We work thoroughly with each of our suppliers, to learn about their story, values, and in particular what drives them to protect our planet. To ensure that we achieve a holistic approach, we utilise the triple bottom line (tbl) or three p’s as some of us call it: people, prosperity, and planet. This framework has been adopted through the hard work of both literature and industry professionals, to form a mechanism in measuring sustainability. This methodology aligns with our core values of why we started Worldly Lane and is incorporated every day in our work and decision making. We strive to reach an outcome which insect the three spheres.

Triple Bottom Line or Three P’s

A lot of our community claim they're sustainable but what does that mean and how is it measured? Commonly with a tbl approach, the ability to measure sustainability is quite difficult and can often be subjective. We have attempted to further ourselves through a multi criteria analysis based upon literature and academic research. This looks at themes around the materials used, production process, the general everyday use/lifetime of the product, what occurs after use, and how it aligns with our values. This is applied to each of the products we stock and is addressed through our collaborative work with each of our suppliers.

A short description of our sustainability scores can be found below.

Amazing graded products are ones that have considered the environment first. These products have been made through sustainable practices as they have considered factors such as the lifecycle of the product from the beginning (through selecting nontoxic and renewable materials) to the end life, in how the product can be recycled or reused.

Great graded products are generally sustainable but have some downfalls such as, being made overseas (causing transportation carbon emissions via air or sea) or through a material that is nonrenewable.

Good graded products are on the borderline of what we want to stock. These products may not be made through best practices or contain elements that could be improved. We will work with these suppliers to ensure that their products and practices are improved to ensure a better outcome for the planet.

We hope our works make your decision making easier and that you can understand how sustainable each of our products are. Please note that we are actively updating these ratings, to ensure that we capture a fair ranking criteria. We do our best to understand and apply our knowledge. We accept that we do not know everything there is in the sustainability space nor are we academic researchers. That's why we collaborate, ask questions as well as research, research, and research some more. Did I mention we do lots of research?

We are transparent with every decision and are happy to discuss any of the above.