The Charm of Op Shops: A Sustainable Way to Shop

The Charm of Op Shops: A Sustainable Way to Shop
Op shops or as our friend Macklemore likes to call them thrift shops, are filled with a musty smell of adventure, life and one of a kind finds. Each store is unique to its regions and filled with wonderful volunteers, vintage classics and stories of our past.

Today, we will explore why you should incorporate op shopping into your regular shopping routine.

1. An affordable option
You can often find vintage clothing, furniture, books, toys and other household items all for a fraction of the price you would be paying brand new. With the current living crisis, affordability is a key consideration when shopping.

2. Support the community
Similar to Worldly Lane, Op Shops are an ethical place to shop. Many op shops are run by charitable organisations, with the money you spend directly assisting with community projects or assisting vulnerable members of the community through services such as food relief, temporary housing and counselling.

3. Environmentally friendly
Unfortunately as we all know fast fashion is a major contributor to landfill. Every piece of clothing you purchase from an op shop is one less item that goes into landfill, therefore reducing our overall carbon footprint. Through recycling, reusing and repairing items, we are reducing the demand for resources to produce new items.

4. It’s all about the journey and not the destination
If you love a good bargain or the dopamine high in the pursuit of a good deal, you’ll love op shopping.The unpredictable nature of what you might find, hidden on a rack or in the corner of the store, turns the experience of op shopping into a fun filled adventure and experience. Every piece will have a story behind it, having lived a life or two with a previous owner.

5.Unique Style
Op shops are home to a variety of styles. Through careful and concise browsing, you will be able to find several one of a kind finds to add to your wardrobe.

Tips for young players/first timers when out and about op shopping
  1. Stay open minded as you never know what you might find, so approach with an open heart and mind.
  2. Inspect clothing and items for any damages, stains, or signs of wear. Remember most stains can come out in the wash and minor issues can be fixed with a little TLC.
  3. Think Outside the Box: A dress might become a stylish top, or an old table could be refurbished into a coffee table.The world is your oyster and let your imagination run wild.
  4. Keep in mind that all employees are volunteers and negotiation on pricing can be frown upon.
  5. Have fun, appreciate what each store has to offer and enjoy the finds.

Op shops present a fantastic alternative to the traditional shopping experience. They promote sustainable consumption, support charitable causes, and allow shoppers to cultivate a distinct style. So, the next time you think of shopping, why not give your local op shop a visit? The planet, wallet, and wardrobe will thank you.

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