Candle Lamp - Available in 3 Colours

Colour: Sky
Sale price$89.95 AUD

This candle lamp has been hand poured with 100% soy wax and fragrance. Each candle has double wicks and approximately 80+ hours burn time. These are Australian handmade unique glass lamps, meaning each one has its own individual pattern in glass and soy candle. The size of the candle is approximately 17cm length and 15cm width.

Leopard: The Bar Fragrance - a scent of a oak aged bourbon with leather booths, smooth jazz, and whisky on the rocks. Notes of bourbon, peach, oak, leather, amber and patchouli.

Retro: Spiced Amber Fragrance - a sweet woody scent with spiced undertones. Notes of bourbon, peach, oak, leather, amber and patchouli.

Sky: Cherry Blossom Fragrance - a sweet, fruity, floral scent with an undertone of musk and amber. Notes of cherry, freesia and blackcurrants paired perfectly with lily of the valley, jequitiba, amber, cherry blossom and musk.

These lamps are the perfect bedside table decorative piece. A flame or the sunlight will shine through this lamp creating unique shades of light in your room. Once finished with your candle, simply place a tea light in your lamp or use as a decorative piece with flowers.

Meet the Maker
Evening Appeal is here to encourage you to delve into the world of self care - starting with your space. We are continuously evaluating our practices to better our world ethically and environmentally.

At Blossom and Sky we want to inspire you with history of gems, stories of travels and beautifully inspired designs. We hope that each piece you purchase touches your heart and brings you the same joy that we had designing them. We hope you will cherish your pieces for a long time, like we do.

The Blossom and Sky team is enthusiastic about ethical practises, from the hand made pieces through to the recyclable packaging.

Sustainable Score
Great: Glass is a durable product with the ability to be recyclable, reusable and refillable. Its ingredients come from nature (sand, soda ash and limestone). Although, these materials are based on the Earth’s resources, and at the moment with global trends, sand is running out. Soy wax used in candles are made from the oil of soybeans. Similar to cotton, soy production generates greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. A sustainable option for candle creation is beeswax.